Saturday, April 14, 2007


Charles A. Chepkwony Kolu Band Magtalena

Kilyano Ratanga
Yach Busurek
Bakach Chebaigeiyat Sikilai
Kas Imam O Pilista

Above is the first side of a casette from Kenya that my friend Joshua bought for me while he was there... thanks Josh!

This shit has lengthy breakdowns that sound to me like early house music—if it was done on twangy guitars, muffly bass and break-your-bones live drums in East Africa.

sick. Glad to see you got a chance to listen to this. This cassette always confused me a bit as I was not sure if it were one group or two on the recording. Part of me always felt that the sides were labeled backwards.

Maybe one of your readers knows something about this artist and can confirm this is him on the recordings posted.

As with almost all of my African tape purchases, this one was done based almost entirely on the cover, from a push cart vendor in Kenya.
totally. it definitely took a while to figure out which side was which—both sides of the cassette were actually labeled the same. i will do some research on side B before posting.... still not sure WHAT that is.

thanks for the bit of background on the purchase. hopefully, with tower records finished over here in the States, push cart vendors will pick up the slack?
Hey, thanks for this, the Khaira Arby (very groovy) and Dauda Dembele.
Very cool stuff, keep it up!
I'm so glad you're posting again! I've been jamming this one a lot today, #1 favorite since the Ata Kak tape from a long time ago. I'm linking this from my blog, hope that's alright. Best, Dean.
this stuff is sick... i can't wait to hear side b
I, too, cannot wait for side B.

Best blog I've ever seen!
The first 4 tracks are excellent but the fifth will not download.
quite simply awesome stuff!!
many big BIG thanks for tyour efforts ;)
.. i just stumbled here, i shall link to you (so i will hopefully remember to visit!)
...i bought a batch of 50 random african cds off ebay last month .. slowly getting through listening to them - some great stuff .. will be posting them up on my blog over the coming months

i think i fixed track 5. you should be able to downlaod now.
man!! sick to have you back on the scene. don't let up.

we doing a new african music party in London because of our love of this.
dalston, that's crazy. you guys should stop partying and go back to the office and get some work done...

in any case, glad i could help contribute to the delinquency of some londoners

ps- your blog keeps getting better/weirder/etc

ya'll should check dalston oxfam shop!
Awesome, indeed. Thanks so much for posting this.

Ths tape is amazing!

Do you know if you will still be uploading side B?

Thanks so much for all your hard work..

this is my f-ing jam, dude. i just discovered your site tonight and i dig what you've done here big time.
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Yach Busurek seems to be down, others are fine
ok I fixed that track, which is one of my faves on this incredible tape.
Much appreciated :D The guitar's real intoxicating on this one for sure
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