Saturday, June 24, 2006


Ali Farka Touré - "Baliky Lalo" and "La Drogue" and "Cheri"

RIP, Ali.

Ali Farka Touré was perhaps the most influential and widely celebrated African musician in history. He adapted his ancestral music to the 6-string guitar. The results are brilliant. I won't say much more, there's been more than enough written on Ali in the last while. I'm too lazy to link most of it here, but you can get a good start with NPR's tribute piece and Banning Eyre's Village Voice obit.

Side note: this tape reminds me of John Fahey, another enormously influential late folk/roots guitar hero.

A good record that includes music from this era of his career.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Ata Kak - "Obaa Sima" "Moma Yendodo" "Yemmpa Aba" from Obaa Sima

A Ghanaian highlife singer gone horribly right, Ata Kak is a visionary. He spits serious rhymes, waxes romantic, and issues lo-fi digital quick-shrieks, listen specifically to the chorus of "Moma Yendodo."

I posted this tape earlier, but these songs are so ridiculously sweet, I invite you to listen (again). Here you've got the comeplete "Moma Yendodo" (the first time I posted it was not the entire track).

It sounds so home-made funky yet spooky, like a warped Prince protege from Africa by way of 1986 Chicago.

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